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Fri, 2013-05-31 16:30 -- ronlichty

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Always an interesting read…
And eye-opening stats (my index to the slides that caught my eye):

slide 4: US year-over-year growth in internet users is tiny compared to emerging markets
5: mobile vs web vs TV vs radio vs print: ad spend, time spent
6: Microsoft still gets more unique visitors than Facebook (but Google beats everyone)
11: the world's content: 2 zettabytes (2011)
14: where photos are uploaded
15: photos uploaded ephemerally (Snapchat)
18: 6-second videos (Twitter Vine)
19: video monitoring (Dropcam)
24: wearable devices (MyFitnessPal)
27: social media usage
28: North Americans do less social oversharing than anyone but Europeans
47: market share of desktops, laptops, tablets
62: scanning / being scanned
63: QR code usage in China
65: QR codes for loyalty
66: China stats (71: taxi bidding)
73: who's getting the world's GDP?
84: high-skilled immigration  (89: visa gap)
87: 60% of top 25 tech companies founded by 1st & 2nd generation Americans (and employ 1.3MM)
94: the postal service's business/profit challenge
95: how CEOs see concern for impact of tech
99: college students learning online
108: "learning tools" start with #1 Twitter and #2 YouTube, include Moodle and Prezi

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