The Manos Angel Network One Day Conference



  • The Manos Angel Network and the Angel Resource Institute are partnering to deliver to all angel investors, including seasoned and aspiring angels a complete overview of the angel investing process at the Manos Angel Network One Day Conference.

    Venture capital is giving less money to startups and making fewer seed-stage investments. And, less than 1% of venture-backed companies are founded by Latinos. More angels and angel capital are needed than ever before to build and sustain a robust startup ecosystem of tech innovation and entrepreneurship within the Latino community.

    Please join us at the Manos Angel Network One Day Conference for a full day workshop and panel on angel investing for Manos Angel Bootcamp participants and anyone interested in angel investing -- entrepreneurs, young professionals, corporate managers and executives, traditional capital markets and non-high tech investors, retirees, philanthropists, Latino community backers, we welcome you all!

    To check out the agenda and register, please click here.

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