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  • ...and "More Programming Puzzlers" with Click and Hack, the Type-It Brothers.

    The Real-Time Specification for Java

    Dr. Greg Bollella, (bio), Distinguished Engineer and Principle Investigator for Real-Time Java - Sun Microsystems Laboratories

    More Programming Puzzlers

    Joshua Bloch, (bio), Sr. Staff Engineer - Sun Microsystems
    Neal Gafter, (bio), Sr. Staff Engineer - Sun Microsystems

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    Presentation Overview

    The Real-Time Specification for Java

    Since the RTSJ is probably new to most folks in this forum I'll talk about what it is, exactly. Why we did it. And, some really interesting projects, currently underway, which use the RTSJ. The coolest such project is, 'Golden Gate'. It's a collaboration between Sun Labs, CMU-W, and JPL. We're implementing a software architecture designed for spacecraft using the RTSJ product from TimeSys. The Golden Gate team is on track to compete in the technology decision process for the 'Mars Science Laboratory' mission due to launch in October of 2009. We also currently plan to have the Mars Rover on stage at JavaOne during James' keynote where he'll talk a bit about Golden Gate.

    For a group of Java developers, like yourselves, the RTSJ introduces some very bizarre programming models and a few head-spinning semantics. Real-time developers are accustomed to doing weird things with code and the RTSJ actually makes things much less weird for them, while, however, making things more weird for Java developers. But, we'll have a good time getting our heads around the RTSJ. (It's not that either is more or less difficult it's just that the developers have to be concerned with different aspects of the logic to get their jobs done.)

    I'll also talk about the reference implementation and the RTSJ product (JTime) from TimeSys.

    More Programming Puzzlers

    Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter (AKA "Click and Hack, the Type-It Brothers") present ten more programming puzzles for your entertainment and enlightenment. The game show format keeps you on your toes while the puzzles teach you about the subtleties of the Java(tm) programming language and its core libraries. Anyone with a working knowledge of the language will be able to understand the puzzles, but even the most seasoned veterans will be challenged. The lessons you take from this session are directly applicable to your programs and designs. And some of the jokes may even be funny. This is an entirely different set of puzzles from last year's JavaOne talk ("Programming Puzzlers"). If you hated "Programming Puzzlers," you'll detest "More Programming Puzzlers"! Overripe fruit will be provided to the first 50 attendees, so come early!


    About the Presenters


    Dr. Greg Bollella, Distinguished Engineer and Principle Investigator for Real-Time Java at Sun Microsystems Laboratories

    Dr. Greg Bollella has been interested in algorithms and software architectures that support the deterministic execution of logic within general-purpose operating systems and virtual machines since 1992. While a Senior Architect at IBM, he led the Real-Time for Java Expert Group under the Java Community Process which developed the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ). At Sun Labs, he continues to be actively involved in internal and external projects which support the RTSJ, especially in architectures for the emerging sensor industry. He concurrently holds a position at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories as Distinguished Visiting Scientist and is working on developing software architectures for spacecraft. Greg holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His dissertation research is in real-time scheduling theory and real-time systems implementation.


    Joshua Bloch, Sr. Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems

    Joshua Bloch is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he is an architect in the Core Java Platform Group. He is the author of the best-selling book, "Effective Java Programming Language Guide." He designed and implemented the award-winning Java Collections Framework, java.math, and many other parts of the Java platform. Previously, he was a Senior Systems Designer at Transarc Corporation, where he designed and implemented many parts of the Encina distributed transaction processing system. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie-Mellon University and a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University.


    Neal Gafter, Sr. Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems

    Neal Gafter is a Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he is responsible for maintenance and development of javac (Sun's Java language compiler), the prototype Java "Generics" compiler, and other core Java development tools (javah, javadoc, and javamake). Previously, he developed a Java VM that provides orthogonal persistence, and led Sun's C++ compiler development group. He has held engineering positions at Microtec Research, Texas Instruments, and Xerox. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rochester and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.


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    8:10-9:00pm second presentation


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