Rachel Sheinbein

CMEA Capital
Partner, Energy and Materials

Rachel is a board member for Solaria, Danotek Motion, Contour Energy and Arcadia Biosciences and an observer for Reel Solar. Before CMEA, Rachel was a consultant for start-ups in the areas of bio-plastics, solar and water. For 9 years prior, Rachel worked at Intel, in wastewater systems, Environmental Health & Safety, and Supply Chain IT. Rachel is the President of the board of Expanding Your Horizons Network, a non-profit that encourages girls in math, science, engineering and technology.  In addition, Rachel volunteers in various roles for Astia, the California Clean Tech Open and Imagine H2O - a not-for-profit that is turning water problems into entrepreneurial opportunities. Ms. Sheinbein holds a Chemical Engineering degree with a concentration in Environmental Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Rachel was also a sponsored fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she received an MBA and a Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with a focus on operations and supply chain. Twitter: @RachelScheinbein