SVForum Main Event "What's Hot & What's Not for 2012"



  • SVForum Main Event
    at Cooley LLP
    “What's Hot & What's Not for 2012”

    Wednesday, February 8th, 2012


    Why are we in this handbasket, and where the heck are we going!?

    Yes, it’s the season to take a look at trends in technology, startups and investing across the complete spectrum- Next Generation, Internet, Clean Tech, Life Sciences, Technology & Media- and peer as far as we can into the future to forecast what might be coming down the pike towards us.

    Our illustrious panel of seers and sages will be polishing their crystal balls to give their best interpretations of what they see for 2012, including:
    - Which technologies and business models are going to be hot - or not! – in 2012
    - Where’s the best place for startups to find top talent?
    - What’s the deal with Super Angels? Are they still trying to put too much money into startups, funding 30 variations of the same theme & driving up valuations? Should you dive in, or stand well back, and how is this going to play out?
    - Clean Tech – one quarter it’s the number 1 sector for venture capital, the next it’s down in the dumps! Are we on a long term roller coaster, or are things going to smooth out?
    - Life Sciences – we’re hearing rumors that startups prefer to launch products in other countries, as it’s just too much hassle to deal with the FDA. What does this mean for LS startups in Silicon Valley?