International Program: The Impact of Technology on Emerging Economies: Clean Tech



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    The Impact of Technology on Emerging Economies: Clean Tech

    As part of our ongoing series on the impact of technology on emerging economies, please join us for our third installment focused on clean technology.

    It is impossible to ignore the growing clean tech boom in Silicon Valley and the increasing wave of innovation from electric sports cars to clean coal, new photovoltaic technology and beyond. Yet, in this growing clean tech hotbed, it is vital not to ignore the needs of the developing world: 2 billion people without electricity and 1.2 billion without easy access to clean water. The World Bank estimates that over the next 20 years, 60% of the increasing world demand for energy will come from the developing world. Inadequate access to clean energy and water has a major impact on poverty, health and climate change.

    One of the greatest challenges of our time is how to deploy clean technology in the developing world that is both affordable and effective. Increasingly, innovative entrepreneurs are using a market based approach and Silicon Valley expertise to successfully distribute water purifiers, LED lighting and a variety of other energy solutions to the “Base of the Pyramid” in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Join us as we examine the issues surrounding energy and water in the developing world, the technological challenges, real business opportunities and the increasing role for Silicon Valley innovation.


    Kurt Kornbluth

    • Director, UC Davis Program for International Energy
    • Energy specialist, Humdinger Wind Energy LLC

    Kurt Kuhlmann

    • CTO, Meridian Design
    • CTO, D-Rev (Design for the other 90%)


    Kevin Braithwaite, Co-Chair, International SIG

    • Advisor, Friendly Cow Biogas 
    • Mentor, California Clean Tech Open

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    Menlo Park, CA 94025
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    Kurt Kornbluth is the Director of the UC Davis Program for International Energy Technology (PIET). Kurt Started his career in the Detroit auto industry and has a diverse background including implementing appropriate technology projects in Africa and Central America, and implementing the “Village Power” project  for DEKA Research and Development in Bangladesh. In 2004, he worked with Amy Smith at MIT to develop the curriculum for “D-Lab” which exposed students to energy issues in developing countries. He received a 2008 World Bank Lighting Africa Development Marketplace grant to design and disseminate a low-cost alternative to kerosene lighting in Zambia. Kurt is also an active member of Humdinger Wind Energy LLC as an energy specialist.

    Kurt Kuhlmann has over 20 years’ experience working with circuit design and the marriage of analog circuitry with embedded control. Kurt’s work history includes tours of duty with Raytheon, MITRE, and Microchip. As CTO of LRI, Kurt holds multiple patents on LED-based lighting systems, and a patent on shape memory muscle actuator control. He is also the co-founder of Meridian Design. The AquaStar™ UV Portable Water Purifier is the first directly-marketed product offered by Meridian Design. A low-cost solar-powered version of the AquaStar™ UV Portable Water Purifier is also being developed, in cooperation with IDE, for use in the third world where water-borne illness ends the lives of over two million people each year.

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