Java SIG - Boost application performance and monitoring with Terracotta Ehcache



  • Topic: Boost application performance and monitoring with Terracotta Ehcache

    In this presentation learn how to use Ehcache to dramatically boost application performance.

    We will walk through the Spring Pet Clinic as an application example and show you how to tune it for maximum performance, both when using Hibernate and when caching result sets directly. We will show you from our own benchmarking tests the comparative application performance of Ehcache EX 1.8 versus MySQL, Memcached and a leading In-Memory Data Grid, including the impressive performance increases from the latest Terracotta 3.2 Server Array.

    We will also discuss some upcoming features in Ehcache 2.0 such as JTA, Bulk Loading, the new HIbernate 3.3 provider and Write-Behind.

    Hundreds of thousands of deployments depend for their performance today on Ehcache and some of the largest companies in the world rely on the enterprise scale of Terracotta. Ehcache EX and FX bring unparalleled scale and performance.


    6:45-7:00 Doors open. Networking. Pizza.

    7:00-9:00 Program