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    Michael McGaughy, VP, Bus. Development - E-Book Systems, Inc.
    Brent Young, Senior Product Engineer - Curl Technology
    Bob Batty, Vice President of Sales - Curl Technology
    Cooksey Thomas, Dir. of ScentStream Technology - DigiScents.com

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    Thelen Reid & Priest Multipurpose Room

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    7:00-9:00pm presentation and discussion



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    Presentation Overview

    Have you ever thought of how we will read information at the end of this millennium? Tired of reading books, oversized newspapers or heavy magazines? Well, there are new ways of reading information. The printing press is being replaced by intelligent books with changeable content according to the readers needs. This month's SD Forum will have a panel of speakers that present their concepts of how technology is adapting books for lifestyles in the new millennium.

    Come and learn what's in store for you. Ask your most burning questions about how these companies plan to revolutionize the way content is presented.



    Michael McGaughy, Vice President, Business Development, E-Book Systems, Inc. (www.ebooks.com)

    E-Book Systems aims to organize the digital future through the introduction of a powerful, yet intuitively simple, user interface that re-creates the common page flipping motion and organizational design of a physical book. The mission of the company is to provide a superior method of viewing and organizing digital information. E-Book Systems will introduce products and work with service providers to fully propagate this new paradigm.

    A variety of business models are employed to commercialize E-Book System's patented technology and associated interface. The book metaphor is intuitively simple to operate and comprehend. However, the technical infrastructure and architecture required to achieve a realistic virtual book operation across a client-side, and a distributed client-server model, is complex.

    The company and management team has performed considerable research on human-computer interaction which led to the development of the company's products, strategy and business models. Findings from this research highlight the need for a book-like human-computer interface.

    Michael joined E-Book Systems in July 2000, after working both independently and at a pure-play E-Business consultancy. Prior to E-Books, Michael spent eight years building up the Crosby Group (now part of the Society General Banking Group) where he started six business lines in five countries. Michael's first assignment at Crosby was to write pioneering research on corporations listed on the Indonesian stock exchange and helping to establish a Crosby presence in that country. Crosby's research had been consistently rated among the top five research houses in Euromoney and Asiamoney magazine surveys while he was an analyst in Singapore and Jakarta.

    Brent Young, Senior Product Engineer and Bob Batty, VP of Sales, Curl Technology (www.curl.com)

    Curl software enables the creation of highly interactive and visually interesting applications and Web sites. Curl's client-side processing technology significantly boosts performance and improves the online experience for end users who access the Web to purchase goods, conduct business or simply to be entertained. Because Curl-Connected(SM) content allows for interactivity of applications and for faster downloads of rich media such as graphics, animation and video, it helps organizations build "stickier" Web sites without the increased content sizes often associated with rich media.

    Located in Cambridge MA, Curl was founded in 1998 by a team of luminaries from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory of Computer Science. Curl's technology grew out of a $5 million DARPA grant that was also used to fund the World Wide Web Consortium.

    Robert L. Batty is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Curl Corporation. He brings a wealth of senior management and entrepreneurial experience to the company, with his strong background in the graphical imaging software marketplace. Prior to Curl, Mr. Batty was founder and chairman of San Francisco-based Onflow Corp., an Internet Application Service Provider business focused on the delivery of television quality special effects for use in the Internet advertising market. From 1994-1998, he managed Xaos Tools, a developer of digital special effects, consumer image editing and authoring software products for high-end workstations. At Xaos, he became president and chief executive officer after serving two years as executive vice president and chief financial officer.

    Cooksey Thomas, Director of ScentStream technology, DigiScents.com (www.DigiScents.com)

    DigiScents is a privately held corporation headquartered in Oakland, California. The company has developed a complete hardware and software platform for incorporating scent into all forms of media. With iSmell(tm) digital scent technology, consumers will be able to enjoy more lifelike and memorable experiences with scented interactive games, movies and music, Web sites, e-commerce, advertising, and educational software. Founded in February 1999 by Dexster Smith and Joel Bellenson, DigiScents is partnering with leading Web sites, interactive media companies and consumer products companies.

    As Director of ScentStream Technology for DigiScents, Cooksey Thomas wrote the first-ever software development kit for scent-enabling digital content. Prior to joining DigiScents, Thomas wrote the "Audio64" C language API and audio asset management tools for the Dreamcast. This API has been adopted worldwide as the sound solution by the SOA/SOE. Prior to working at Sega, Thomas was the director of audio development SSI/Mindscape Entertainment managing multimedia solutions for classic SSI titles including General, Panzer General I & II, Fantasy General, Imperialism, among many others.