Business Intelligence SIG: Analytics: SQL or NoSQL



  • Title: Analytics: SQL or NoSQL

    Change is in the air. The relational database that has long been the mainstay of data warehouses has a new challenger. The NoSQL movement has implemented new systems for storing and processing data mostly based on the map data structure. On the surface, the difference between a map and a relation is just the difference between a tuple and an n-tuple. In practice we use them in different ways as we will explore.

    The presentation starts by looking the relational database and SQL. We look at the ideas on which relational databases are based to understand why we use them, and go through an example of how they are used for analytics. Then we will look at tuple store based No-SQL systems and again understand how they are used and what they are used for. Finally we will compare the two and see that each has their place in an analytics architecture and develop the criteria for deciding which one to use and where.

    Speaker: Richard Taylor

    Richard has been a chair of the SDForum Business Intelligence SIG for 10 years, and has spoken to the SIG on BI related topics a number of times.

    Over the last 20 years, he has been involved in building database systems on distributed and multiprocessor hardware at DEC, Data-Cache, RedBrick Systems, Informix, IBM and currently at SenSage Inc. Prior to that he worked on research projects in parallel and distributed computing.

    Richard has a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University and a BSc in Computer Science from Manchester University in the UK.